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''For more than a decade, our scientific research team has conducted original research and closely observed participants at our retreats around the world. From heart and brain coherence to cellular metabolism ... from gene expression to immune regulation ... our findings demonstrate the effects of meditation on biology, showing real, measurable changes in people’s health – and their lives.''


''The Mission

Why do we do this work? We’re here to remember how unlimited we really are.


We're here to demystify the process of creating change – for ourselves and, ultimately, for our lives. We’re here to learn about the science of possibility and the proof of what’s possible – in the scientific measurements we’re doing in our community, and through stories of personal change and transformation.


When we change, our life changes. Our mission is to change individuals – so, ultimately, we can change the world. There is more to reality than this dream. And the truth is, we’re greater than we think; more powerful than we know; more unlimited than we could ever dream.'' – Dr, Joe Dispenza

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