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The Work Is … Healing

''We all have challenges and goals – around our health, our emotions, and our beliefs. Yet we are more than our bodies; more than our habitual thoughts, behaviors, and feelings. The evidence we’ve gathered through our scientific research and Stories of Transformation demonstrates it’s possible to heal all types of conditions – sometimes, with a single intervention. The healing journey begins when we overcome our limitations, open our hearts, and experience a new future as if it is already ours. The process of overcoming is the process of becoming''. - Dr Joe Dispenza

Sunrise behind Earth

The Power of Knowledge & Understanding

My personal journey has enabled me to change who I am. I am the creator of my life, my happiness and everything that happens to me. So are you. I discovered this and more as I continue to learn about Quantum; Mechanics/Physics & Dr Joe's concept that is perfectly aligned. 

Doreen Deakin

Who We Are

We are all Advanced Students of Dr. Joe  Dispenza 's work. All of us have completed a week long advanced retreat workshop. We are volunteers who love to give our time and our LOVE to YOU so you feel supported and we do care. All of us are on our own personal journey of learning, development & healing and come to this work with gratitude for being of service.

Ignite & Restore was created in October 2023 and we are working with alignment to Encephalon (Dr Joe's organization).

We are fully  updated on Dr Joe's Healing guidance and we regularly attend Dr Joe's official Advanced retreats and do the meditation and learning required to grow, evolve, maintain and develop our Healing technique. 

Please read all our information in our scheduling and resources  section carefully so that you know exactly  what to expect from us - and what not. This is important for you to make a loving decision whether we are a good match for you and your healing journey. And also to assign meaning to the process.

What is Coherence Healing TM?

When a group of people come together with the intention of supporting one another—and they know how to get beyond themselves, connect to the quantum field, open their hearts, and demonstrate brain and heart coherence—we now know that they can change patterns in the field and  help heal one another. Coherence Healing TM ,  as thought by Dr. Joe Dispenza is an act of selflessness and simplicity.

How It Works

What should I expect during the Healing Session and how will it feel

You can support your healing session by relaxing your mind and body, opening your heart, and generating feelings of love and gratitude, all which puts you and your body in the ultimate state of receivership. At the beginning of the session their will be a guided mediation to help us all fall into our hearts and open.  However, if this feels difficult or it doesn’t happen naturally, please don’t worry. You can simply relax and do nothing, which is better than trying to make anything happen. Connecting to the feeling of gratitude for this moment when perfect strangers come to support and love you  has been known to help some Healees open to receiving. 

You may experience a lot of energy during your session. If this happens, do your best to relax, it is just energy moving. You may also feel warm, tingly, emotional, peaceful, or maybe even nothing at all. Everyone is different, and there is no right or wrong experience. Know that in any case that Love will work on you in a way that is perfect for you.


How can I prepare for my session?

Having clear intention on what you want to manifest for yourself and an open and surrendered heart is a great way to support yourself during your session with Ignite & Restore, and in your healing journey in general. Sometimes it may feel like a hard thing to do . Keep in mind it may take some time to feel your heart open and that is okay. When our heart open's we may feel sadness come up, or tears, old emotions and memories. Try and just let these emotions move through you. You can start experiencing with Dr.Joe's work and his meditations if you have not already.

If you have any questions, would like to equire about a date not showing on our calender or would like more information, please feel free to contact us using the details on the Contact page shown in the menu.

Please note the time selected for your booking  and ensure you check your email Spam folder for the final confirmation email that will come from our group email and not from the auto system. Thank you 


Details to help

Sessions take approximately 60 minutes and are conducted on Zoom. There are typically between 6 and 20 Healers logged in for the session and there may be up to four healees present. Cameras and microphones are turned on for the initial introductions then turned off for the majority of the session. Healers are told the name and shown the photo of the healee at the start of the session. They use this as a focus point and then hold the intention of Vibrant and Dynamic Health for the Healee.

We can help support you (the Healee) by giving love to your life and making the field around your body more coherent which in turn supports your body to heal itself. Please note that we DO NOT heal you. We can give you a big boost to support your body’s own healing process but you are your own healer.

**Coherence Healing is not a substitute for medical treatment.

Find out more about Coherence healing directly from Dr Joe Dispenza

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